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Samrat group is a privately owned, leading distribution company based in Hyderabad. It has a well-established presence and operations spanning across the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. With an expansive network, committed workforce and third generation leadership, Samrat is focused on delivering excellence to each customer and is well positioned to take advantage of new challenges while expanding and strengthening its operations to new horizons.

The journey of Samrat Group started in 1990, when the founder, Late Shri Gyan Chandra and his son Mr. Raja Jain, established a distribution company, characterizing the very beginning of the group’s unfaltering success. Samrat Group has strategically diversified and stands proud as a multi-products and services conglomerate. The journey has been rewarding; starting from humble beginnings to expanding its presence across Andhra Pradesh & Telangana and then crossing borders to Myanmar. With the introduction of the third-generation leadership, the group continues to grow by leaps and bounds.

The group has completed 30 glorious years and over the period, have associated with various multinational brands like Philips, Motorola, Johnson & Johnson, Nokia, Titan, Vivo, Google and Tata Steel. Their forte is delivering products at a competitive price with unparalleled levels of quality, reliability & outstanding customer service. The group has set forth a remarkable growth in sales through its wide network of channel partners across the territory.

Samrat Group believes in continuously improving, innovating and introducing new strategies into the business; going digital is one of them. Whether it is working on SAP across every function in the business, maintaining and transferring data on to ERP systems or being active across different social media platforms Samrat Group has always been active in foraying its steps into the digital world.

The group with Integrity as its guiding principle are paving the way develop a venture ahead of status quo, with the conviction to make fundamental changes and drive operational excellence. Samrat Group has always proven – “The supreme quality of leadership is unquestionably Integrity


Raja Jain Managing Director, Samrat Group

The determination to win is the best part of winning. Every individual strives to become a strong pillar of our success. This belief and continuous efforts have made Samrat Group a top player in distribution industry.

We are committed to enriching customer experience by determining their specific requirements, delivering top notch products and the best after sales service. The reviews and compliments from our loyal customers gives us a strong pat on our back and encourages us to keep providing seamless customer service.

Aditya Jain Director, Samrat Irons Private Limited

Consistent progression has been our continuous mantra. We are moving towards it by conquering milestones, one at a time. As a prominent global leader, we at Samrat Group are always prepared to attain the highest level of quality and service. We have overcome complexities with the help of our well-trained team and this has helped us in raising the bar in providing quality customer service like never before.

Our organization has reported a consistent yet sustainable growth all these years and we attribute our success to our employees and our loyal customers. We seek their continuous support and will always strive to provide an environment adequate for flawless execution of business. We rely on our customers for opinions and reviews about our products and service and work on their feedback to ensure we continue to provide a great customer experience.

Our approach and core values involve providing state-of-the-art services to our customers to set benchmark levels for other homogeneous industries.

Anurag Jain Director, Samrat Irons Private Limited

As we look back, we are very enthusiastic about the progress of Samrat Group has made each year. We have always made sure that every client receives a hassle-free outstanding service. Our most important asset has always been our proficient team and our reliable customers, who have pushed us to expand our services across the globe.

As our existing and potential customers, vendors and suppliers, your support and cooperation is highly valued as we expand our business empire to participate and grow in the development of steel industry in our country. The commitment and hard work of our employees has enhanced our performance making Samrat group a leader and one of the most trusted brands.

We are confident that with our adaptable, versatile and persistent approach, we will continue to meet our customer expectations. With the help of our enabled employees and genuine clientele we are thriving and will achieve the pinnacle of success in the near future.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Expanding Samrat’s geographical presence and its portfolio of products and services by continuously evolving with the changing times and ensuring customer satisfaction to the last mile.

Our Mision

Our Mision

Empower our customers by providing world class quality products, supplement their growth through efficient logistical support and establish long lasting relationships by ensuring the best customer oriented services.



Integrity, Quality, Teamwork, Adaptability, Social Responsibility

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