GFX (Tiscon Ultima GFX Coated Superlinks) :

To meet the challenge of corrosion Tata Steel has developed a specialised chemical – GFX coated formulation to achieve anti corrosion performance of steel products. Formulation has been synthesized by using modified natural bio-polymer along with graphene. Tiscon Ultima GFX coated Superlinks provides this coating over Superlinks to help fight corrosion. Coated Superlinks have been exposed for the last 8 months in the environment and no rust has been observed. GFX uses a modified bio – polymer doped with graphene. Its give you better protection from corrosion and better bonding with concrete.

Plasma (Tiscon Ultima Plasma Coated Rebars) :

A cutting-edge product from Tata Tiscon, Plasma Rebar is the only rebar brand in India manufactured using patented EPT – Electrolytic Plasma Technology. Plasma rebars are coated with zinc and treated with an additional surface passivation for higher resistance to corrosion in atmospheric environment and cement-concrete medium. The product has good coating consistency, superior corrosion performance and suitability to Indian construction market.