Ready Build

Readybuild / Cut & Bend service by SAMRAT IRONS PVT. LTD.
will solve the time and material crunch the
construction industry is facing currently. SAMRAT’s bar fabrication
shop will customize the lengths of the rebars and bend them at
required angles, in accordance with the project’s blueprint.
Only TATA TISCON rebars will be used in this service offerings.

TMT Rebar

TATA Tiscon 500D is a high strength ribbed TMT reinforcement bar. The consistency in strength across the rebar is maintained by reducing the impurities like sulphur and potassium to a level below 0.075%. '500' refers to ductility of the rebar. TATA Tiscon 500D conforms to the latest standards (last revision 2012) set by bureau of Indian Standards.

Super Links

Tiscon Super links are stirrups (rings) made of high strength ribbed TMT reinforcement bars
in most commonly used sizes, like 7"x7", 7"x9", and so on. Super links are manufactured
through automatic and sophisticated machines, using strictest quality Control to ensure
consistency, quality and accurate dimensions. They have a 135° hook as prescribed,


Tata Wiron is the first choice for key players in the wire industry and it services the discerning needs of its customers across global markets. Tata Steel wires need the most exact specifications and requirements of customers and is manufactured with the latest technology coupled with a wealth of experience and expertise in the wire industry. TATA WIRON is used in various application that include wire mesh, pail handles, earth wires, stay wires, barbed wire and concertina wire for fencing, chain link etc. Tata Wiron uniforms zinc coating with wax coating option, enabling the end user to produce better quality finishing products. The wire can be supplied in one ton orbit would patten laid coils, which has many advantages such as higher payout speed, easy handling and storage, no core or spool to dispose, etc.

Tata Astrum

Tata Astrum, the brand for HR Sheets &
Coils from Tata Steel, is the new star in the manufacturing
marquee that will redefine the norms of the market by virtue of its
impeccable quality and best-in-class service offerings. Hot
rolled coils and sheets have been the backbone of the infrastructure
and manufacturing sector for years now.

TATA Pravesh

Products offered – Residential doors,
Commercial door and windows Tata Steel’s history of offering
innovative product solutions at affordable prices now has a new
chapter with the introduction of ‘Pravesh Doors’

Tata Tiscon Ultima

To meet the challenge of corrosion Tata Steel
has developed a specialised chemical - GFX coated formulation
to achieve anti corrosion performance of steel products.

Tata Pigments

Our newest addition in the line of TATA products we deal is TATA Pigments. TPL, one of the largest producers of synthetic iron oxide pigments in India. Tata Pigments Ltd enjoys the special privilege of having the license of “Bureau of Indian Standards”.