CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

To Samrat Group, Corporate Social Responsibility means being icon for change. We strive to set examples for those we work with, for, and around with high standards of environmental management, corporate giving, and maintaining a diverse workforce. Samrat Group is committed for long-term sustainability and that helps us to be among the most admired companies in India.

Through education, environment, and other philanthropic efforts, we carry out our pledge. As citizens of both the global corporate economy and the Upstate community, we integrate these commitments into everything we do at Samrat Group. We support local and state NGO’s and other helping organizations. We believe in getting the change through initiative we launch to support

We have a dedicated team to co-ordinate, mentor and look after the CSR activities initiated by the company. This helps us to reach more people and build a sustainable ecosystem

Initiatives –

Rountable Hyderabad
Impact Cancer Hospital